Management Consulting for Success


We focus our work on growing your business, beginning with interviews with key players to identify your firm's current strengths, challenges, and opportunities.  We use additional assessment tools when - and only when - they provide clear value.  We can help you identify your strengths, opportunities and challenges, the first steps in achieving your potential.

"You added new energy and motivation as well as new directions."

Strategic Planning

Whether working with a group or a single executive, through brainstorming and mindmapping we can help you uncover new ideas and opportunities for solving problems, leveraging strengths, and growing your business.  Without implementation, however, good ideas are useless.  Our consulting and facilitation will make your planning more effective and implementation more successful. 

"Your level of preparedness and ability to bring our diverse group together, allowing each voice to be heard, is the reason for our successful strategic planning.  Your skills are amazing."  
 -Corporate Attorney and Not-for-Profit Board President

Advice and Feedback

We become trusted advisors, providing information, advice and feedback during and at the close of our engagements to help our clients reach their goals now and in the future.  We know business and we know people.  We can help you leverage the strength of your people for the success of your business.

"You are an agent of change."
"I knew instantly that I trusted you."  -HR Manager

Training and Coaching

Our clients often ask us to provide training and coaching after we consult with organizational leaders.  Our group training and coaching help teams and individuals excel in the areas of leadership, business development, communications, and client service.  See Training and Coaching for more information about how we can help you and your business achieve your goals for exceptional success.

"[Together we] achieved every single one of our goals.  I can't say enough."  -HR Manager, Tektronix
I've done all the things you said I could do!"  -Educational Consultant 

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