Training and Development

Clients we consult with often ask for follow-up training.  Our training is highly facilitative and we customize our training for every client, because all firms are different and have differing needs.  Following are trainings we offer in various formats and configurations.  For additional topics, see Speaking and Seminars.  To learn more or discuss your training needs, contact us directly by email or by phone at 503.913.0499.

Leadership and You

How to Energize Your Team

This program is designed to help leaders, with or without authority, improve engagement, productivity, retention and profitability by creating an environment where people thrive individually and collectively, personally and professionally.

Participants will learn:

  • How to energize their workplace with Visionary leadership
  • The power of Coaching leadership to engage employees
  • How to influence without authority


  • Improved engagement, productivity, retention and profitability
  • Better teamwork and collaboration
  • Increased professional and personal satisfaction

 Jo has been my coach both officially and unofficially since 2011.  Through her coaching and guidance, I have developed and fine-tuned the skills necessary to be a better leader.  Whether it is an assigned position or leadership by influence, I owe much of my success to Jo.    --Alan Ford, Sales and Business Development Expert

Teambuilding and Communication

Help Your Team Minimize Conflict and Maximize Results

This is a stand alone program that can be combined with consulting, coaching, and/or Team Leadership (above) for more powerful and longer lasting results.  Your teams and their leaders will learn to work together more effectively, utilizing everyone's best strengths to achieve team goals.  

Masterful Delegation

When You Can't - And Shouldn't - Do It All Yourself

This program will help your professionals delegate more effectively to get the work done, develop upcoming talent and prepare for future succession planning.

Business Development

Learn How to Attract Perfect Clients

What are your marketplace strengths?  Who are your perfect clients?  How can you attract perfect clients who want and need your services?  These are questions you and your team will answer in this training.  A facilitated planning session is the perfect follow-up to this program.

Business Development Planning

Attract Perfect Clients

Knowing how to attract perfect clients isn't enough.  This interactive program will help you develop a plan that includes powerful goals and time sensitive action steps to bring those perfect clients into your business fold.  Follow-up team coaching will provide accountability and allow for periodic adjustments and updates.

Client Service

Retain Perfect Clients

We help our clients identify and develop their own best practices and spread them throughout their firms with a commitment to client service excellence.