Success Principles

  1. Business success depends on people.

    Lasting success relies on strong, positive, and longlasting relationships within your firm, with your clients and your community.  Would your firm benefit from stronger, better relationships?

  2. Consistency is critical to business success.

    When firms are clear about their purpose, identity, and values, they attract and keep the shareholders, employees, and clients that best fit their organizations.  Is your firm reaping the benefits of internal and external clarity and consistency?

  3. Successful managers are key to engaging employees.

    Successful managers engage employees and maximize their effectiveness.  Excellent managers improve retention, productivity, and profitability.  Employees quit their managers, not their employers.  Would your firm benefit from better management skills?

  4. Fully engaged professionals create client cheerleaders.

    Knowledge and experience are not enough.  Highly successful professionals must be fully committed to the interests of their clients.  Are your clients singing your praises in the marketplace?

  5. Successful professionals market themselves well.

    Few professionals learned how to develop new business in graduate school.  Furthermore, when time is at a premium they gravitate to the work they chose, not to marketing themselves and their services.  Would your professionals benefit from learning how to develop new business and working with a coach who will help them tailor their marketing to their personal strengths?

  6. Employees commit to firms that develop careers.

    Investing in employees' growth increases their value, satisfaction, and commitment.  It isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.  Would your firm benefit from helping your employees develop career paths of increasing capability and responsibility?

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